Through these gates you and your horse will find a standard of care that is second to none

Nestled on 300+ acres our Lexington-area farm is the kind of farm that earned Kentucky its rich reputation for equine excellence.


Equine Specialists

At the core of our farm you will find a team of equine specialists that are personally responsible for providing the professional care you desire. We know that, alongside superior nutrition and care, exercise and conditioning are essential to your horse's best health.


We provide the quality of horsemanship that earned Kentucky its reputation for producing the finest horses in the world.


The Team

The staff at ForeverSpring Farm combines knowledge, horsemanship, nutrition, communication and customer service to create an outstanding experience for you and your horse!

Dr. David Williams


Dr. Williams, a nationally-known equine nutritionist, resides on the farm with his wife Betty-Gayle. Dr. Williams earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees at the University of Kentucky and his Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition at Iowa State University. He is co-owner of Louisville-based Excel Equine, a company known for excellence in equine nutrition. Dr. Williams has a passion for his work and he designs nutrition programs for world-class breeding farms, growth and development of equine athletes, and for sales prep. Through Excel Equine, Dr. Williams provides racing formula feeds for some of Americas top thoroughbred trainers. Each horse at ForeverSpring Farm has a personal feed bucket with their name on it which contains Dr. Williams' individual prescription for each horse based on their particular needs, challenges and goals.

We ensure performance through nutrition. I believe in expert, individualized care and I believe the best equine athletes begin with a great bloodline and excel through superior nutrition. At ForeverSpring Farm, we build winners from the inside out.

Tim Fazio

Farm Manager

Timothy J. Fazio joined ForeverSpring Farm as our Farm Manager in December of 2020. Tim brought to us a wealth of experience in managing brood mares through breeding and foaling over the past fifteen years. Most recently, Tim served as the farm manager at Northview Stallion Station in Pennsylvania. In 2020 Tim and his team foaled over 140 mares. Tim is an avid fan of thoroughbred racing and is diligent in his study of bloodlines and progeny accomplishments. Tim has been selected mare manager for some of the most discriminating owners in the thoroughbred business. He has extensive experience in preparing equine athletes for the sales ring. Tim earned his Associates Degree in Equine Science from the State University of New York at Morrisville. He has spent his entire professional career in the Thoroughbred industry. Tim’s work experience is a tremendous asset to our customers; ensuring that their mares, foals, weanlings and yearlings continue to receive the top notch care they have come to expect from us at ForeverSpring Farm.

I am honored to work with Dr. Williams and our team here at ForeverSpring Farm to provide top notch care and service to our valued customers.