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Nutrition is an Ongoing Opportunity.

Science, Technology & Experience

ForeverSpring farm owner, Dr. David Williams, is an equine nutritionist. He applies the same nutrition technology to feed the horses at ForeverSpring Farm that he uses to develop products for Burkmann Nutrition. Dr. Williams owns Burkmann Nutrition and his staff includes three Ph.D. nutritionists and a veterinarian. Dr. Williams also co-owns Excel Equine, an equine-only feed manufacturing plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

Individual Formulation & Personal Care

Dr. Williams formulates the ration for each horse at ForeverSpring Farm individually; whether the horse is a lodged racehorse, a pregnant mare, lactating mare, foal requiring creep feed, weanling, yearling preparing for sale, rehabilitating horse, retired or geriatric animal.
We label a special bucket for each horse with the horse’s name, the quantity of feed, supplements, and medication so your horse gets the nutrition it needs every day to be healthy and strong.

We meet each horse’s digestible energy requirements by formulating for prececal starch digestion, utilizing fermentable fibers (beet pulp and soy hulls) and soybean oil. This method of caloric partitioning allows us to safely meet each horse’s needs with minimal risk of digestive upset or development of gastric or colonic ulcers.


Our Rations

Our basal grain concentrate is a 7 percent fat, 14 percent protein oat, and beet-pulp based textured feed with protein, minerals and vitamins provided by a “balancer” pellet. We feed grain twice daily seven days a week. Breeding and foaling mares and sales prep horses receive a third meal at 10 p.m. each night.

Individual 12’ x 12’ feeding stalls adjoin each paddock to ensure horses consume their own specially formulated rations without competition. ForeverSpring Farm NEVER feeds horses on the ground. This helps to control internal parasites and prevents dominant horses from over-consuming grain.

Feeding stalls permit staff members to administer medication and handle each horse – including foals – twice daily. This early training is crucial to a young horse's development and results in well-mannered adults. All horses return to the paddock after feeding for exercise and play.

Feeding Stalls


The type of minerals we use for our nutrition package results in enhanced absorption of vital elements into the horse's bloodstream for optimum bone development and stimulation of the immune system to help prevent disease. The copper, zinc, manganese, and iron we provide is from a unique source, selected because it allows the nutrient elements to chemically bond to amino acids for more effective bio-utilization.

ForeverSpring Farm feeds d-alpha tocopherol acetate a unique form of Vitamin E. This form of Vitamin E is 85% more effective in raising vitamin E levels in the blood. This high-quality source of Vitamin E maximizes first-breeding conception rates and improves foal health by stimulating the immune system.

Vitamin E


Organic selenium is safer and significantly more digestible than the often-used and less expensive version of selenium: sodium selenite. Selenium and Vitamin E stimulate the immune system and optimize reproduction and foal vitality. We use organic selenium in all of our diets.


ForeverSpring Farm combines science and nutrition with individualized care to achieve your goals for your racehorses. Contact us to discuss your specific performance goals and we will help you to determine the best nutritional approaches to achieving a winning outcome!