We urge you to visit any farm you are considering for boarding. Observe the pasture quality. Be there at feeding time to observe whether each horse is fed individually, or are they fed as a group where competition and social order dictates who does and does not receive feed. Too much and not enough are both wrong.

ForeverSpring Farm takes an individualized approach to caring for your horse. We feed and handle our equine residents so there’s no competition. Staff members are full-time and on the farm – they know your horse and can readily respond to its needs.

ForeverSpring Farm offers 310 acres of prime bluegrass, with diamond wire and board fenced paddocks and so much more:

  • Consistent turnout with horses of the same age or life stage.
  • Customized rations developed by Dr. David Williams and fed in labeled buckets to meet each horse’s needs.
  • Individual 12’ x 12’ feeding stalls so horses eat without competition; we feed 2-3 times daily, seven days a week.
  • Heated watering systems for year-round hydration.
  • Ample aisles between paddocks to prevent injury.
  • Run-in shelters in most paddocks to protect against the elements.
  • 14’ x 14’ barn stalls with 12’ ceilings.
  • Euroxciser for conditioning, sales prep and rehabilitation.
  • Extensive records using the Jockey Club’s farm management system to track each horse’s progress.
ForeverSpring Farm owners Dr. David and Betty-Gayle Williams reside on the farm to oversee each horse’s care. The veterinarians at Lexington Equine Medical, manage the health of our equine residents, with Dr. Patrick Ford serving as the reproduction specialist.

We treat your horses as our own and measure our success by your results. Call us today!


There’s a reason why many Derby winners are born and raised in the Kentucky bluegrass region. At ForeverSpring Farm, we capitalize on the assets of this area – including ample, high-quality grass and a favorable climate – and use our own proven techniques to increase conception rates and improve foal health.

Excellent mare care begins with outstanding nutrition and we develop custom diets to meet each horse’s needs. We monitor each animal’s condition and adjust our nutrition protocol to help ensure reproductive success. We also feed in individual feeding stalls so mares consume their ration without competition.

Artificial light
The way to get a bigger yearling is to ensure an early foaling date.

We place breeding mares under lights starting in December and use timers to provide 16 hours of daylight and eight hours of darkness each day. This causes mares to begin their estrus cycle early so they can be bred and foal earlier.

Getting ready to breed
ForeverSpring Farm follows a proven regiment to ensure mares are bred at the right time. Our reproductive vet is at the farm every day and gets to know your mare so he can determine the best time to transport her to the breeding shed.

Facilities and services
We have the facilities and use industry best practices to foster reproductive success:

  • Extensive breeding records utilizing the Jockey Club’s farm management system track each mare’s progress. Records from previous years help predict ovulation.
  • Teaser stalls allow mares to be teased daily to determine exactly when each horse is ready to breed. Stalls are carefully designed to promote safety.
  • Daily turnout for every mare—and foal.
  • Our highly-trained staff members transport your mare to the breeding shed. We can also help with stallion selection and contract negotiation.
Learn how we can help you achieve the results you desire—even with thoroughbred mares that were difficult to get in foal in the past. Call us today!


Pregnant mares nearing their due dates get our undivided attention at ForeverSpring Farm.

We begin our foal watch as your mare’s foaling date nears, with a trained night watch staff member observing the mare.

Our 24-hour surveillance system also includes two cameras located in our 14' x 28' foaling stall, with cameras in our 14’ x 14’ pre-foaling stalls and our small turnout paddocks. You can be part of the process and can watch your mare labor and deliver via our closed-circuit TV.

ForeverSpring Farm offers services and facilities to ensure your mare’s and foal’s health:

  • Immediate veterinary care, if needed, with our reproductive veterinarian minutes away.
  • Equipment to assist with deliveries, including electric winch on trolley beam and oxygen for the foal.
  • Maximum turnout to promote foal growth and development. Studies show long hours of stall time can cause orthopedic diseases and unsoundness on sale x-rays or when young horses enter training.
  • Individual feeding stalls ensure mares get the nutrition they need. We administer medication to foals while they are in the feeding stalls and take their temperature daily until they are weaned.
  • Heated watering systems in each paddock so mares remain hydrated.
  • Run-in shelters that protect against the weather.
  • Diamond wire and four-board fence for safe confinement.
  • Extensive records using the Jockey Club’s farm management system to track your mare’s and foal’s progress. Owners enjoy instant online access.
  • Daily handling to accustom your foal to human beings and help it prepare for its racing career.
Modern science combined with nutrition, healthcare and plenty of individual attention result in weanlings and yearlings that meet and exceed owner expectations. Call us for details!


ForeverSpring Farm is located just minutes from some of the top equine orthopedic specialists in the world. We have the ability to return many thoroughbreds to the racetrack as a result of our ability to follow orthopedic veterinarians’ therapeutic protocols.

Nutrition is at the center of every rehabilitative program, with equine nutritionist Dr. David Williams developing a nutrition protocol designed to promote healing. Our highly trained staff members are also committed to providing quality care at our state-of-the-art facilities:

  • Small and large paddocks with ample aisles to help ensure safety.
  • Individual feeding stalls so your horse gets the nutrition it needs without competition.
  • Heated watering systems in each paddock for year-round hydration.
  • Run-in shelters to protect from the elements.
  • Diamond wire and four-board fence for safe confinement.
  • 14’ x 14’ barn stalls with 12’ ceilings.
  • Euroxciser and/or handling by farm staff as part of the therapeutic rehab.
  • Extensive records using the Jockey Club’s farm management system to track each horse’s progress. You enjoy instant online access.
  • Van transport by trained staff members to veterinary orthopedists as needed.
We are fully committed to quality, individual care that achieves results. Call us today!

Sales Prep

Young horses at ForeverSpring Farm are raised as nature intended, grazing and rollicking in lush Bluegrass paddocks. Equine nutritionist Dr. David Williams develops a custom diet designed to meet each growing animal’s needs. Individual feeding pens ensure every horse consumes its ration without competition.

Some farms feed on the ground en masse, which can result in more timid animals failing to get the required nutrients. Based on experience, we know horses that are lowest in the pecking order are often the best racing prospects!

ForeverSpring Farm offers these services and amenities to prepare your young horse for the sales ring or its racing career:

  • Large paddocks with ample aisle space to help prevent injury.
  • Labeled feed buckets with your young horse’s name so your horse gets the nutrition prescribed.
  • Heated watering systems in each paddock for year-round hydration.
  • Run-in shelters that protect against the elements.
  • Diamond wire and four-board fence for safe confinement.
  • Euroxciser and handling by our skilled farm team for conditioning.
  • Extensive records using the Jockey Club’s farm management system to track each horse’s progress. Owners have instant online access.
  • Proximity to some of the world’s top equine veterinary specialists.
  • Van transport by our trained staff members to the sale facility or track.
We handle every young horse daily, resulting in better manners and animals that are physically and mentally prepared for the next step in their career. Trainers and handlers often comment on the good temperaments in young horses that come from ForeverSpring Farm.

We’re on track to help you achieve results. Call us today!